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EIHA Safeguarding Statement

EIHA Safeguarding Statement May 2019.

It has been brought to our attention that “chirping” amongst players has become normalised in some Junior teams. This “chirping” includes abusive comments which the EIHA consider to be highly unacceptable. The EIHA does not condone nor support comments which attack cultural stereotypes, race, sexuality, gender or criticise personal attributes.

In addition, recent investigations have confirmed that on ice abuse, whilst appropriately dealt with by match officials and clubs, is occasionally being pursued further by players via social media. The EIHA does not support any inappropriate and offensive communications by junior players about their clubs and other players, nor any online threats from player to player. Sending threatening/abusive/offensive messages to another person via social networking sites could also be viewed as committing an offence and be reported to the Police.

In light of the above please can clubs communicate these messages clearly to players and parents and utilise the clubs code of conduct and social media policies as appropriate. Both these policies should be in place and shared regularly with all Junior members and parents. Should any club need support in updating or producing these policies please contact your club designated safeguarding officer, formally child protection officer, or your regional designated safeguarding officer.

Many thanks for your support in ensuring our young people can enjoy their sport safe

from abuse.

Catherine Burnett

EIHA Southern Region Designated Safeguarding Officer (formerly CPO)

On behalf of Charles Dacres EIHA Director

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