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Guide to Junior Ice Hockey

Concise Guide to Junior Ice Hockey

Welcome to Ice Hockey - A Concise Guide to Junior Ice Hockey” has been created by the International Ice Hockey Federation as a guide for those new to hockey. Equipment, skills and progression pathway, along with other items can be found in this useful guide. The A-Z of hockey terms can be helpful even for the more experienced hockey parent.

In the guide, under the Title “Ice Hockey is a Family Concept” is the following reminder:

“All Ice hockey programs depend on the support of parents, grandparents and other family members to ensure a rewarding ice hockey experience for everyone. Parents should support and encourage their children’s interest in the sport, and should not display or encourage abusive or negative attitudes.

The skills learnt at the rink will reinforce those learnt at home. Teamwork and sharing are import qualities for all walks of life. Fair play and respect are qualities that IIHF promote continually to all participants: players, game officials, team staff, parents and fans.”


One of my friends asked "Why do you pay so much money and spend so much time running around for your kid to play hockey?"

Well I have a confession to make: I don't pay for my child's hockey. Or his skates, pads, helmet, and uniform. Or his ice time, clinics and camps.

So, if I am not paying for hockey, what am I paying for?

- I pay for those moments when my child becomes so tired he feels like quitting but doesn't.

- I pay for the opportunity that my child can have and will have to make life-long friendships.

- I pay for the chance that he may have amazing instructors that will teach him that hockey is not just about a game but about life.

- I pay for my child to learn to be disciplined.

- I pay for my child to learn to take care of his body.

- I pay for my child to learn to work with others and to be a proud, supportive, kind and respectful team member.

- I pay for my child to learn to deal with disappointment, when he doesn't get that score he hoped for, or fell during a breakaway he has practiced a thousand times, but still gets up and is determined to do his BEST next time...

- I pay for my child to learn to make and accomplish goals.

- I pay for my child to learn that it takes hours and hours and hours and hours of hard work and practice to create a champion, and that success does not happen overnight.

- I pay so that my child can be in the rink instead of in front of a screen...

I could go on but, to be short, I don't pay for hockey; I pay for the opportunities that hockey provides my child to develop attributes that will serve him well throughout his life and give him the opportunity to bless the lives of others. From what I have seen for many, many years, I think it is a great investment!


Volunteers Needed - Please let us know if you are able to help with any of the following:

  1. Handing out flyers at the Westgate (once, twice or regularly).

  2. Learn to Play - would anyone be able to help with kitting up and clearing away the L2P sessions alternate weeks? If you are at the rink during the U11 & U13 sessions on Thursdays we would love your help at the start end of the session. We have help on the U15 & U18 Thursday sessions.

  3. Learn to Skate - we have a promo table two sessions a month at the ice rink driven Learn to Skate session. It is a great place to recruit new players. If you could spare one 2 hour session between now and June it would be fantastic. The sessions are either a Saturday or a Sunday 9:30am.

  4. Jersey manager - printing jerseys when required & managing the list.

  5. Trophy manager

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