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A Concise Guide to Junior Ice Hockey​


A great reference booklet provided by the International Ice Hockey Federation

Head Check/ Concussion Advice Card

Game Day Checklist (for Team Managers)

IIHF Official Rulebook 2018-19

(everything you need to know about (international) Ice Hockey - must be read with the In-House Rules)

EIHA In-House Rules 2018-19

(accompanies the Rulebook above, with specifics for England and Scotland)

New Player Registration Pack (2023/2024 Season)

Please contact us if you are not a British national and/or currently registered to play overseas as there are additional steps in the registration process.


Existing Oxford Player Registration Renewal Form

U9-U18 - Please contact us 

Learn to Play Registration forms (2023 - 2024) 

Please contact us .

EIHA Junior Rules of Competition 2017-18

(fixture rules, etc)

EIHA U11 Rules of Competition 2017-18

We are governed by the English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA).  All club officials, parents and players are bound to abide by their rules, policies and procedures.  Please regularly visit their website,, for latest news and updates.

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