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With the bond between the Oxford City Stars and the Oxford Junior Stars growing stronger each day, the Oxford Junior Stars have followed suit by taking on the 'Yellow and Blue' colours. 



With the announcement of the need to create a junior development pathway and a development team for future home-grown players to progress into The Oxford City Stars, the Junior Stars have taken the plunge and have taken on the ‘Yellow and Blue’ colours to match the Stars, but with a slight twist. The Junior Stars will play in white at home and blue away, the jerseys will feature the Junior Stars logo which is based on the Stars logo.  Junior players will have something to work towards: having a different colour home jersey gives them the opportunity to earn the yellow jersey.

Oxford_Junior_Stars Shirt-3.png
Oxford_Junior_Stars Shirt-4.png
Oxford City Stars Logo - Dunamis.PNG

Visit the Oxford City Stars official website for information on our NIHL1 adult team. 

Visit the Oxford Blues for game information.

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